Save your Google Universal Analytics data forever

Do you have Universal Analytics (GA3) data and want to save it before the solution closes? On 1 July, it will no longer be possible to do so.

Thanks to our solution, you can keep your data and transfer it to another solution (GA4, Piano, Matomo, etc.).

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Our turnkey solution for backing up your data

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Up to 5 years of history

We can request up to 5 years of data, depending on the history available (collection date).

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Quick and easy

With our turnkey solution, operated by our teams, Optimize matter takes care of everything.

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Transpose the data model to your new Analytics tool

Year over Year (YoY) analyses will be possible despite the change of tool.

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Multi-cloud compatibility

We store your data in the cloud of your choice (GCP, Azure, AWS).

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Optimised data storage for your cloud

Save money on storage and queries to your dashboards.

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The data you need

We historise the most commonly used dimensions and metrics

Survival pack

Activate my backup
  • Up to 12 months of history
  • Acquisition Data, Event, Tunnel, Page*
  • Export to Google Cloud Platform only

Basic plan

Activate my backup
  • Up to 3 years of history
  • Acquisition Data, Event, Tunnel, Page*
  • E-commerce data
  • Export to the cloud provider of your choice (GCP, Azure, AWS)
* Aggregated data, dimensions and metrics given during onboarding

Use your old Universal Analytics data

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Your questions, our answers

What is the deadline for backing up my GA3 data?

To safeguard your data, it is essential to migrate to Google Analytics 4 before 1 July. A pop-in has been implemented in Universal Analytics with a countdown timer showing the time remaining.

Where will my data be stored?

For the Basic and Enterprise packages, your data will be stored in the cloud of your choice: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). You have complete freedom in terms of how you store and secure your data. Only the Survival package restricts the choice of cloud to GCP.

Which of my oldest data can be backed up?

We can request up to 5 years' worth of data, depending on the history available: that's what the Enterprise package offers. The Basic and Survival packages back up 3 years and 12 months of data respectively.

What are the advantages of GA4 over GA3?

GA4 offers enhanced tracking capabilities, a new and more flexible data structure, simplified user journey tracking, a new data-driven attribution model and many other benefits.

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